Thursday, February 14, 2008

On St. Johns on the South Hill

How the clouds can drift from place to place
Before the tower, behind the spire and now beyond
And yet the others lie like barges there
Heavy, down-cast and woe begone...?

Whats this? Have they begun to shift?
No, its but a fleeting sail gone whizzing by
Like children's hopes and dreams and play
To catch the wind or race the birds on high.

And now they're gone, passed on for greater things;
But still that tower there and heady fog
To crowd my thoughts and keep me from my dreams?

*and then i had class... so much for inspiration :)*

maybe: and bring me back to dark and dreary bog ???? lol


Anonymous said...

Love those dreamy states between awe and reality... of course, reality always wins as it will bring us to awe once again...

I really love pixie dust ^.^

don't be emily said...

How about "and bring me back to dark and dreary blog" ? LOL.....okay, well I thought it was funny...:)

~im just only me~ said...

lol hey are you implying something? :P