Thursday, July 31, 2008

Every Other Day

Id cry to get it all out,
But I'm so empty, even these echoes find themselves lost.
In this world where friends,
Still there,
Disappear for parts -- not unknown --
I don't even know what hurts;
It's not as if I cant make it on my own,
I just don't remember how.
I want to whisper "I'm so lost without you here"
But nothing's changed. You're still there, I'm still here
Making my way, like before,
Groping in the dark, perhaps,
But not any darker than it ever was,
Not any more alone than I ever was.
You're willing, I know, but not able.
I pretended you could make it all right,
All this time, every time, after that terrible night.
I wouldn't wake you after,
But at least I knew I could.
But I cant even pretend,
Cant even hope, anymore.
I want to be happy, and I am,
But why these burning tears?
Why all these dark days?
And all these crippling fears?
I cant love myself, and how,
How can someone love me?
And who will save me now?


On my own... said...

dark days.... Funny, isn't it? Nobody seems to like to comment on the darker days of our lives? But then I suppose it could be that they know that you do not really want an answer back, you just wanted it out there....
Weel in any case.... I like sounds like the ice shattering beneath your feet in the middle of a fast moving river...but there is a beauty even in that.... You will be saved....
Good luck

SassyDefiance89 said...

Does it feel like you've been through the wringer and back with
tears that cut reinforced with painful memories and nagging uncertainties making your every nerve fiber sizzle in pain? Abandoned? Ah, well the midnight sun is shining bright!

I really like pixie dust {~_^}

Anonymous said...

dramatic dialogue or confessional? First rule in Poetry, never assume.

Anonymous said...

What if they didn't? And don't you mean monologue?

Anonymous said...

i did, thank you :) What if who didnt what?

Anonymous said...

I meant, what if the above commenters were not talking to the writer or about the writer but rather soliloquizing....

Of course, in English, the "you" is not so directly known as it is in other languages as being direct or indirect, but I would give the benefit of the doubt and not assume that they were speaking directly to the author.

Anonymous said...

Or pontificating (as im about to do :P)... if not directly to the author than they should have said "one" and not "you"...

Anonymous said...

Personally, I do not use "one" much at all, especially when I am rambling on in a soliloquy-type letter, thought, etc. It seems too far detached from the reality of my thoughts....

Thus I shall disagree with you on this...point.