Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Here's to the fear of being trapped..."

I dont want to be inspired
By cheap metaphors and simple similes
I want the truth to be so close.
So close that i can understand in a flash
Of light that banishes dark dreams
And confounds insolent incertitudes.
So bright that i could die just to know
That its trenchant beams would pierce my weary body
Save my lost soul, and transfix this hardened heart --
Let this fervid blood come spilling out
Paint my grey world red, my blue world crimson
With real life -- not hiding, beating, waiting --
But dashed, spilt, gushing, rushing, surging
To a truth more real than life,
A truth more constant than breath,
A truth to which tedious metaphor seems
A cheap motel knock off of Van Gogh.
"Who steals a Monet, just to not sell it? .. A Monet Lover..."

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Haiku...of sorts..

City of Big Shoulders

Oh laughing city!
Giants tow'ring in the dust,
Singing: proud, coarse, strong.